But live goes on…

By now, the news that Carpal and ToG quitting the show has sunk in.  So weather the .0 shows will continue, has yet to be determined at this point.  We are working internally to solve the dilemma and we should have an announcement or update no later than one week from next Tuesday.

 But, let us not forget about the remaining half of XBL Radio–LIVE on LIVE.5.

For anyone who has been wondering about the .5 podcasts, let’s make it clear now.  LIVE on LIVE, The Gamers Roundtable, will continue to produce its regularly scheduled shows without interruption.

And speaking of that, we have a recording tonight (Friday Nov. 2) and I need your help.  If you have some news, issues or gossip that would make great topics for our guests, then spill ‘em here.  Whachagotta say?