PSH Radio: Your All-in-One PS3 Source

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all our visitors for just using the site. It has been a rocky start, but I think we’re getting the hang of things around here.

Chia and Thrill have got “The Manor” off to a great start and the “The Guesthouse” will finally be here within the next week. But we’re not just about the podcasts.

 As you can see, Thrillhouse is quite good at spooning you the truth in his blunt yet unbiased articles.  I throw in callow tidbits of opinion here and there as well. BUT….we’re just getting started. We want PSH Radio to be the one site you come to for all your PS3 information. That’s exactly why the following updates will be added to this web-site over the next few weeks.

  • PS3 Game / Hardware releases dates on the sidebar and an extensive list on it’s own dedicated page. Look at the tope of the front page. You’ll see a tab for it like the “BLOG” and “STAFF” one.
  • More detailed contact information for the Playstation staff including PSN IDs, e-mail, and even more personal information. No…Thrillhouse’s address will not be revealed…yet.
  • The “Playstation News Center” has 5 RSS feeds on it which means you can simply come here and get the latest PS3 news from N4g, Playstation Universe, PS3 Center,, and of course, the official Playstation Blog. If you click the Open/Close link in the top right corner under the site banner, you’ll see 4 of the feeds on seperate widgets. More RSS feeds related to the PS3 will be added soon.
  • An additional page which highlights our “GAME of the MONTH” for the PS3. These reviews can and will be done sometimes by outside people. So if you play a game and you think it’s good, go over to the forums at Platform Nation and let us know you’ve reviewed it. We will be looking to use another gamer’s review and give credit where credit is due. HEY…we can’t play every game in the world.

These things are just the first step towards making this a more user friendly enviroment for all our listeners and visitors. We want to serve you the gamers and get your voice out there in the public. So get over to the Platform Nation forums and give us your opinions on how we can improve the site, what we can include in our podcasts, and what you’d like to see more of on

Thanks once again for being part of our family here at Platform Nations!

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