GUI J Reviews Turtle Beach EAR FORCE X3

I love games! If your reading this, you already know this, you may also know that I am a husband and a father, and that these things some times do not co-exist. I always welcome anything that helps bridge the gap between keeping my nerdy gaming life, and leave it to Beaver family life peaceful. So it was a great surprise when a month ago, I received a package from the great folks at Turtle Beach. Inside the package was a pair of Turtle Beach’s EAR FORCE X3 wireless headsets for the XBOX 360. As the glorious lights emerged from the package I was overcome with the hopes of an actual wireless headset that would give me great, clear sound, and not make me sound like there was a fist in my mouth while talking to my amigos over XBOX Live. I was ready to put this thing to the test, but first was the set up.