No More $50-$60 games? Lets hope so.

Pile of Money

Could this be true, well, according to one person this has to happen, or else the entire gaming industry will suffer.

During an interview, the CEO of EA (John Riccitiello), had this to say about the prices of video games as he tells Fortune magazine this past Wednesday:


In the next five years, we’re all going to have to deal with different pricing models“, Riccitiello Said.  Then he said “In China, they’re giving games away for free. People who benefit from the current model will need to embrace a new revenue model, or wait for others to disrupt.”  He also stated that EA will experiment with different pricing models over the next decade, with things such as Online Advertising, in an effort to remain competitive in a changing game landscape.

As being the gamers that we are, I want to ask you a couple of questions about this:

Do you agree with what Riccitiello said, that something has to be done, or else the entire industry will suffer, or do you think things are just fine as they are?

Will the idea that he has actually work, and will he actually go through with it, or is it just some bs we are being fed by a CEO to make us feel better as gamers, and to make him look good in the public eye?

Either way, no matter what he says, we as gamers need our games to not only be affordable, but to also be of good quality.  With the amount of money it takes to make a decent game these days, this is a hard thing to do.  If gamers deserve the best though, shouldnt we get the best for what we can afford?  Just something to think about my fellow members of the nation.

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  • Thrillhouse17

    Sadly, I’ve come to accept this 60 dollar price tag. I no longer blink twice. Most people don’t either. What really sucks though are the hidden costs, like additional DLC in order to play online, get more maps, and more levels. Gaming is expensive, we have to deal with it.