Getting Back To Basics

The joys of being back home. While I love the fact I can once again see family and friends, coming back home, and once again being a “guest” in my parents house, means having to forego certain luxuries I’ve grown accustomed to. Specifically my beloved HDTV and high speed internet (I’m currently writing this on what must be 2 tin cans connected by yarn, it is s..l..o..w..). Since I refuse to play on a normal SD set (not that I could, since my PS3 was too hefty to take home with me, and my 360 is awaiting its Microsoft First Class Customer Service Package For Occasional Red Light Repair Concerns box to arrive) I’ve take advantage of this opportunity to dive back into older libraries, drag out dusty non-HD consoles, and hit up different game stores searching for deals on great games I’ve missed.

So over the next couple weeks I’ll share what I’ve managed to find, what I’ve missed, and what you might want to check out. If you’re willing to prioritize solid gameplay over graphics, then these are games you’ll have fun with. As if there weren’t enough games coming out this holiday season, right?

 So view these as little treats, as potential stocking stuffers, as titles you might have missed due to time and money.  They’ve dropped significantly in price yet retain a certain charm, and are worth looking into. Consider it holiday gaming on a budget.

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