XBL Radio ver 56.0 (The Fall Update*)

and introducing The Other Guys… 

*New Features  *New Hosts  *New Attitude

This week we revise the Podcast for a new Season.  Join the old cast as they introduce new members to the show: X3RO and KEMAN (two new Gamertags) who are now your new hosts.

-Did Rockstar go POSTAL when they released Manhunt?
-Becoming an educated gamer. Does your GPA match your Gamerscore?
-The Writers Strike: Will it effect gaming?

-XBLR visits Springfield.  Is the latest Simpson’s Game worth missing a few episodes of the show?  –Guitar Hero 3: This game wants it’s Money for Nothing and it’s on the Wii…  –COD4: You had me at BETA. This game will PERK up your appetite for gaming.  –KID PIX (Viva Pinata Party Animals):  Cameron says these Pinatas can’t be beat when it comes to the best party game on the 360.

-SquidPunch with the 360 FriendSpotSpot tells us the top played games in October.
The Marketplace Minute: We search for the right WORDS to explain the newest Arcade release, and more on the all new and improved XBL Radio Podcast.

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