Is this offensive to you?

Throughout this past week, a video has been released that reveals a love scene in the upcoming RPG Shooter, Mass Effect.  And for whatever the reason, Singapore has banned the game from being released, because it is a lesbian make-out scene, and they find it offensive.  I will show you the video, and you can judge for yourself. Here is the Video:

Now I personally think that there is nothing here that would really be considered offensive.  You don’t see anything you wouldn’t see in a Victoria Secret commercial or Desperate Housewives.  The scene is short and done in good taste.  I guess I only have one question for all of you gamers out there, and that is “Is this offensive to you?”

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Link to announcement:

  • mik

    I’ve seen this discussed on some other gaming sites and it almost always comes down to a selection of folks who are not offended at all by any sort of implied sexual content, however they are extremely upset that it is homosexual content. To them I say: A) play as a male, or B) play as a female and don’t nail the alien chick.

  • Thrillhouse17

    I’m totally offended.

    There’s only 1 scene like this, and there’s no nudity?! Outrage.