Pirates Everywhere Rejoice! DIVX On The Way!

Bootleggers, pirates, and internet thieves,

I bring news that will make you yell “Finally!”,

For those movies you download without paying a fee,

Yes, even your favorite pornography,

Will be perfectly playable on your Playstation 3.

The divx format, currently the most popular for television and movie illegal downloads, will soon be recognized by the PS3. Good thing? Or great thing? Or maybe the greatest thing ever?

I wonder if this will have any effect on the whole BD vs HD spat, since you can now download HD versions of your favorite movies, which I’ve been “told” look quite nice on an HDTV. With next gen DVD prices in the 25-35 dollar range, simply downloading your favorite movie, in near perfect HD quality, and running it off your PS3 may be a popular alternative.

My thoughts: F you Mike Bay. I’ll be seeing Transformers on my PS3 despite you.

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