Yet More Warhawk Woes


I’ll admit that sadly Warhawk, a game I truly love, hasn’t been getting much of my time. Within the span of 3 months we’ve been bombarded with quality online shooters (Halo 3, Team Fortress 2, COD4), not to mention a plethora of excellent single player experiences, so sadly Warhawk has fallen into my “I’ll get back to that when I’ve got time” pile.

Recently a friend of mine took the plunge and got himself the mighty PS3. The price had dropped enough to be right, and there were finally titles out, and coming out, to justify it. We get home, unpack that sucker, and the first thing I do is re-download Warhawk to show him the game I’ve been talking about (but sadly not playing) for the past couple weeks.

Download done, profile entered, user agreement accepted, and game finally booted up and ready to go. A notice flashes on the screen saying, “You’ve been promoted because you’re awesome”, or something to that affect, and “New skins are now unlocked”. Who doesn’t like getting free stuff, and being rewarded for doing nothing? Me, that’s who. I then scroll over and marvel at my new wardrobe (and some of the new skins are, in fact, quite nice), and notice that not only has everything been unlocked for me, but I’ve been promoted to the penultimate rank.Whom should I thank for this gift? Reaching this rank would have taken me hundreds of legitimate hours of “work”. Now, I can just relax, play for fun, and enjoy other people’s delicious tears of jealousy, as they turn green looking at my exclusive armor. That is, until I try and enter a ranked Sony hosted server:

“Your rank is too high for this room.”

Uh, what? I scroll down the list, check each one, even filter the search to find a room I’m eligible for, but no luck: I’m officially too good to play Warhawk.

How does something like this happen? I understand the need to keep certain rooms restricted to certain ranks, as the most daunting aspect of any online multiplayer shooter is entering a room in which you’re vastly out skilled, but not having any rooms available for higher classed players seems like a foolish oversight. What if I had legitimately reached this rank? Would I then have officially beaten Warhawk? It really is too bad that this game yet again suffers from server side problems. When it first launched, it seemed that almost everyone had some sort of stat tracking issue. Then people started complaining that they couldn’t join matches, and would randomly get booted from games. Now this, being forced into early retirement. This was supposed to be the premier online game for the PS3, the reason to look and say “Why am I paying for Xbox Live?”, yet it has suffered one glitch after another.

Yes the solution to this problem is simple: Open up more rooms, or remove ranking caps altogether. The problem is that it might be too little too late. As I’ve mentioned, there is no shortage of online shooters, and as good as Warhawk is (and I really do love it), I just don’t have the patience to wait, or to fire it up and see if the problem is solved. Hopefully it will be when the first batch of DLC arrives, because at some point I do hope to play it.

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