Sometimes The Holidays Drive You ‘Loco’

There are times when you just can’t play a game at release, as money is tight or time is being wasted doing less important things. Well, good things come to those who wait. These are games that won’t hurt your wallet, and offer hours of entertainment. It’s a little something I like to call Thrillhouse’s Cheap(er) Picks:

Game: Locoroco

You can get this cute game on the PSP. Sadly the PSN version has very little in common with the original.

Price: 20 bucks at Wal-Mart

Locoroco is a game which doesn’t take itself too seriously, and considering what it is, that’s a very good thing. The premise behind it is almost laughable: You tilt the world and guide these fluid-like creatures (the Locos) downhill. You’ll guide them through windmills, down ramps, through tunnels. It sounds ludicrous on paper, but actuality translates to a lot of saccarine induced fun. Think of this:


Now imagine yourself tilting the world, with devilishly catchy music playing in the background. This game is coated with so many layers of sugary goodness it’ll make you sick. You might as well consider it an interactive form of “happy pills”. And since each maze is only a couple minutes long, it translates perfectly to the PSP’s quick pick up and play nature. 

How they managed to screw up the PSN version is beyond me. This game was taylor made for the sixaxis. At least you can pick up the original for a very tempting 20 bucks. How can you play this game and not smile? Highly reccomended. If you hate this game, I’m pretty sure you’re a bad person.

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