This F*&$in game F*&$ing Blows (and how I really feel)

I just wanted to give all our listeners a heads-up. 

This game SUCKS!

I’m a huge fan of the FPS. In recent weeks us FPS die-hards have been blessed. With Halo3, COD4, and several other games it seems the FPS genra didn’t need a shot of adreneline. However, Kane and LYNCH brings that and not much more to the platform.

The story is your usual “I’m a bad-ass mofo” shoot-em up. However this game doesn’t even reach the guilty pleasure aspect. It’s just GUILT that you will have for playing it. The main characters are so vile you won’t be rooting for yourself, let alone care about their outcome. Resevoir Dogs credits had more style.

Gameplay is awkward at best. After playing such well crafted titles in the past weeks it’s hard to go back to a game with this much of an uncontrollable feel. Even the so called tutorial doen’t do a good job of getting the rythem down. How can it? It feels like GTA without the GRAND!

I also would like to comment on the dialouge. They said, at PAX, this was an homage to Tarintino. Damn this is how you pay tribute?  There were so many “F” bombs, I started shouting them back at the game for making me listen. I mean I love Tarantino, I don’t mind cursing, but come on starting a sentence with Fu*$ and then ending it with FU*$ is proof you had nothing to say. It was torture to “F’n”  listen to.

 In closing I just wanted to do an early review of my first impressions. I’ve only played for several hours so far, so this is far from over. It may get better. However I don’t want any of you to go out of your way to rent or buy this game and not know what I know. KANE should get LYNCHED!