Yes!  XBL Radio is officially on LIVE!  The Xbox Live Marketplace, that is.  Due to the hard work of Bobby Blackwolf and Chris Paladino, is now featured in the latest Gamerpics downlaod.  It’s all part of the celebration of Xbox Live turning 5 years old.  I am honored that XBL Radio could be a part of the festives.


So, do me a favor.
*First, the obvious one:  Download that FREE picture pack and use it.
*Second:  Go here and say thanks to the poeple that made it happen.
*Third:  That’s it!


If you can do that for me, I would very much appreciate it.  I feel this gamerpic marks a milestone for all the work we at XBL Radio have done.  And it couldn’t have come at a more monumental time:  The celebration of the service that layed the foundation for XBL Radio.



  • TeeTocks

    So Awesome!!!