The Lost PAX Audio…

Sit back, kick your legs up and let Rusty Ranchero guide you through this EXPLICIT special audio treat.

It’s a dark and breezy late August night in Seattle as GUI J and Steve519 try to get Rusty drunk and make him turn off that darn recorder.  So tune in and findout what a “Balzak” really is.  If you don’t like people looking at you strange, then listen in public with caution, because smiles and laughs are sure to come.


There is no 56.5 Roundtable this Tuesday.  While I can bore you with my excuses, I’ll just say that I enjoy having a roll in XBL Radio and I have no plans of leaving this organization.  I WILL RETURN in Two Weeks with a fresh set of guests for the next Gamers Roundtable, podcast 57.5


So if you are 18 or older, then I invite you to check out this special audio in place of “LIVE on LIVE”.  CUATION: This audio contains strong language and adult oriented content.  LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.
Available in two flavors…
MP3 (96kbps mono) Right click here
MP3 (128kbps HQ Stereo) Right click there
–Duration exactly one hour–

Keyman, sorry, I owe you one.

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