Troops play games too..

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You want to feel extra good this holiday season? Do your self and our
troops a favor and share your wealth. I came across this site (fun for our troops) recently that is raising some money to buy video games for the troops serving
abroad to protect our freedom. From experience, receiving a letter 
from a loved one while you are deployed serving your country not
knowing if you will be back home to see your family and friends not
only makes your day, but it is the one thing you look forward to every
single day. Now imagine some games and consoles to help them relieve
some of the stress they face everyday, no doubt they will feel it fo
sho.. I believe they are trying to raise $6,000 and only 23 peeps have
donated, let’s help them out and do what’s right..I remember playing
PS1 and Dreamcast in the middle of nowhere with my M16 to my right and
my MRE to the left. Believe me, it helps.
Desz and Cpl G looking all moto on this pic ; )
Donate Right here