For those who may be wondering…

I just wanted to let my fellow gamers know that it’s been fun. However recently (the past few weeks) I had to ask myself: what’s next? I really wanted XBL Radio to survive. To be a place where gamers could get real game talk. Not the Bullshit that passes for a half ass indie radio show. You know what I mean. I wanted something different. I was never interested in anything but a great show for gamers to be entertained by. I wanted to be honest and talk from the heart. I think that’s what hurt us. While other casts doing the same thing were busy kissing ass to get games, passes, interviews and even Awards from their own Communities; I wanted to get gamers interested in intelligent conversation about video games. I think in the end the latter,  and my straight forward approach to certain situations hurt our chances of getting a lot of positive press from the higher-ups. However,  we can end this on one fact: We never caved in. Our loyal fans wanted that.

Although that’s not why I’m throwing in the towell. I’m a gamer first (and unlike some other podcasters) I don’t need the attention that badly. I want to game. So if your interested in the same hit me up sometime on LIVE. As for this site and the whole podcasting/indie news and info scene…. I’m signing out!

No hard feeling, and at least you still have my favorite indie cast: THE FANBOYS to listen too.


    You will be missed carpel, but you can still help me out in CoD4 right? 🙂
    I understand completly what you are saying, I dont know how ya’ll kept it up as long as you did

  • Carpal, good luck in everything you do, you will be missed.

  • Kosamus

    It was Great while it lasted