The future of XBLradio .0 shows

From the desk of X3R0 and Kemanswar,
X3R0 and I would like to say thank you to MrCarpalTunnel, and The Other Guy for their hard work in the community, and dedication to the truth. We hope they find what they are looking for and we wish them the best.

As for the future of the .0 shows, X3R0 and I will be recording a new episode in December. We both have listened to the show for some time, and don’t want to see it die. We will strive to maintain the standard set before us, and hope we do our community proud. We are Platform Nation.

And as a seeing that the “Fall Update” introduced something new to the the show, we are updating it from 2.0 to 2.1 as we introduce a new voice to join us. So come join us December 11 as version 58.0 will be out. While we are informing you about the show, I want to add that we want to hear what your top 10 games of ‘07 are, and what is your worst 10 of ‘07. Go here for the top 10, and go here for the worst.

  • I third the thank you to Carpal and TOG! Thanks for the good and the bad, but thanks for always speaking the truth!

    but as they say the show must go on.
    Great idea for the end of the year show. going to fill out now.