Gamers Video Update Nov 30, 2007

Topics Include:
Game Releases- Week of Nov. 26th
House of the Dead coming to Wii
The Romantics Sue Activision
Gamestop sells Demo Disc as new game
Resistance 2 in 2008, Syphon Filter in 2009 according to PSM3
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 not on PS3?
Sony to release updated PSP battery in Dec.
New GTA IV Trailer Coming Dec. 6th
Killzone 2 Beta coming in ‘08
Wii Virtual Console sales reach $33 million
PS3, 360 prices must drop to $199 in 24 months, Activision CEO says
Free Hitman Movie Ticket Giveaway
Got COD4? Join us Saturday for Gaming Night over at
And much more

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  • Looks cold..Great work, although the sound needs some improvement. It could be the weather.

    Stay Up!


  • Jonathan Smalls

    I think your videos are great. You give me good info on what to expect and you answer lots of my questions. Keep doing your videos and I will continue watching.


    Steve, get back to work damn it, I knew there was a reason my mail was not being delivered on time!!!