You can’t give a bad review. YOUR FIRED!!!!!

 Jeff Gerstmann

I am not sure if all of you have heard this story yet, but I am sure some of you have, so I well tell you anyway.

 As some of you may know, an editor at Gamespot by the name of Jeff Gerstmann was recently fired from the company, suppossedly because of a negative review he gave of the game  “Kane & Lynch: Dead Men”  by Eidos. The review was posted on Nov. 13th, 2007, and has just recently been pulled from the site. Apparently Gerstmann called it  an “ugly game not worth a purchase”, and gave it a score of 6 out of 10. The advertising spread was also pulled for the game just hours after Gerstmann was fired.

Now there have been a number of excuses as to why he was fired.  Some say that it was just a cause of bad timing, and that Gamespot was already unhappy with him as a reviewer, saying that  his Kane & Lynch review just pushed the management over the edge and was the reason why they fired him.   There is also talk as to the amount of pressure there is to appease game makers, and the amount of money they spent advertising by inflating scores so that sales will go up, which in return  makes alot of money for their company.  The guess would be that Gerstmann gave his honest opinion about the game instead of doing what he was told to do, and was fired because he did not make money for the game developers and his company.

Whatever the reason is, I do not see how a reviewer could get fired based on a review like this.  I took a look at the video, and the only thing Gerstmann was doing, in my opinion, was giving an honest review about a game in which he thought sucked the big one.  So if you pull someone from a site simply because he is telling people not to buy a game your advertising, then the site itself should simply not review anymore games if they do not want somebody to give their honest opinions about them.

Anyways, I have blabbed on too much as it is, take a look at the review, and judge for yourselves:

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  • today, and everyday for me, was Gamespot Blackout Monday… I urge all P*N to cancel accounts and never go to any of these sites. there are others and these people don’t deserve your support…

  • No shit.. mann fuck these fucking gamespot bitches. TQ has something for their ass on EP18, we been talking about this one and if you ain’t gonna give an honest review then fuck U.. B4 you made this entry very short and to the point unlike the others out there, great job!


    I always suspected that I did not need to trust game sites who were reviewing the same games that were paying them mucho ad dollars and this just confirms it.

  • Thrillhouse17

    My problem isn’t with Gamespot on this one, or the employees there, it’s with the Kane and Lynch group. You can’t strongarm a journalist site just because you put out a shitty product, and they call you on it.

  • what you guys don’t notice is all the “indie” (and I use that term loosly) podcasts that also talked highly of K&L. There were a few shows that I know of that were saying how sweet the game was until certain people started calling them out on it. This isn’t a first, only first time it has been actually noticed and largely because it was on a major site.

  • Wow Desz, those are some pretty harsh words. I don’t think anyone deserves to be talked about like that, no matter the situation. I mean, do we even have all the facts on this? Gamespot did post some info today, but I’d still like to hear full disclosure from Gertsman, but that may never happen due to contracts and stuff.

  • mik

    GUI J still thinks his free copy of K&L is pretty rad. 😉

  • You are right WYoming,they fired him for sexual harrasment? The topic is clear and is up for a reason: “Thoughts and opinions” my opinion my be a bit different than yours and for mentioning my name you too will get some…Stay tuned EP18…