TechQuila Episode 18

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TQcast has an exclusive Jeff Jerksmann interview!! Yes Jeff Jerksmann. Dreamcast
2 in the works? The Vii gives the Wii competition. Instead of guitar hero, pick
up guitar superstar at your local swap meet, Verizon opens its network to all
devices, Filty gives Mario Galaxy a Michela review, Desz steps in to the ring
with Fight Night Round 3, plus the drink tip, movie, games, slepper, mO DeAl$ of the week, and a very very
must listen-to, special TQ Christmas wish list.. Welcome to Episode 18!

  • Great show you guys, and great interview as well. Congrats on getting it, I’m sure you had to jump through some hoops to get jeff on. Desz I did the same thing too as far as selling a ps3. He really wanted a high def player that played games and for him the online game playing wasn’t that important so I got him to buy a ps3.

    Let me wrap up with another great show you guys and keep up the great and hard work

  • So my previous statement about the harsh words is officially retracted, nice job getting to the bottom of this Desz! I enjoyed listening to Jeff tell his side of the story. Keep up the good work TQ!