Gamers Video Update Dec 8, 2007

Topics Include:
Game Releases- Week of Dec. 3rd
Guitar Hero 2 gets DLC, Indie Label Pack II
PS3 gets VOD(Video on Demand) in Japan
Xbox 360’s Divx/XviD support does not include media center
Video Game giants in $18Bn Merger
Delayed replacement of RB Guitar equals free game from EA
No more Demos for XBL Silver subscribers
Xbox 360 HD-DVD player price drops to $129
Capcom confirms 2D perspective for Street Fighter IV
R6V2 details unveiled in latest Issue of OXM
SSBB won’t be out in Europe until June 2008
Hitman Movie Ticket giveaway winner
How you can win a $100 set of HDMI cables
Got COD4? Join us Saturday for Gaming Night over at
And much more

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  • Can’t wait for the upcoming video reviews steve. Nice to have a week off from looking for news, especially since its finals week for me at school.

    I’ll post about the giveaway over at myspace too, that way everyone on there knows as well.

  • Great job! Now this video here is a step up from the others, it looks very thought out and the background makes it feel like platformnation’s living room. Sound is much better as well.. Great work guys!! The background organ sound would work great for segways, or announcements like you did on the HDMI cable.

  • the background noise was just luck, it was all just noise my pc was making

  • ezporter

    nice job once again steve bringing us the news of the week.

  • CrY 4 WaR

    Nice update

  • brett11253

    Very nice Steve. Very Nice.