The Gamers Pub, Episode 12

Topics Include:
What we are drinking
Whats being played this week
Wii Guitar Hero III getting DLC and replacement discs
Rumor: Call of Duty 5 to be set during World War II
Devil May Cry 4 demo confirmed for PSN, XBL in early 2008
Stranglehold getting new DLC, achievements
Talk about Grand Theft Auto IV: ‘Move up, ladies’
Burnout Paradise demo coming Dec. 13
‘Guitar compatibility’ patch coming soon to PS3 Rock Band
Gui J decides to announce every game coming out in 2008
All this and more

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at Outro song, Everyday Normal Guy by Jon Lajoie. Check them out at

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  • ezporter

    awsome show guys, been listening since the first show, keep up the great work. oh yea steve get your wife a glass of water dude seriously, lmao.

  • hahahaha! I just listened to this episode. Jeff wanted us to spell his last name “Jerksman” for all the people that did like the game “Kane and Lynch” so it was intentional. Since I started listening to the Pub, this was definitely one of the best structured shows, and GuiJ’s list was not bad at all. Great show!