All I want for chirtmas is….?

 Santa Claus

With the holiday season approaching, there is plenty of things im sure all of you want relating to movies, consoles, games, technology, HDTV’s, etc. I’m using this article as a place where all of you can send a message out to your fellow friends, family members, significant others, etc., saying “Hey I want these things for christmas, not sweaters and cany canes like  all of you  always get me every year”.

What i am asking all of you is to post your top 5 wish list of things you want for christmas, that way you can get this message across. I will give you my top 5 to start this thing off.

Mr B4’s Wish list:

1. $50 or $100 gift card from Best Buy

2. $50 or $100 gift card from Gamestop

3. Playstation 3 $399 40 GB Console with Spider-man 3 Blu-Ray DVD

4. 27′ LCD HDTV

5. Desktop Mic for my comp

I know this might sound like a lazy idea, but I really want to help you all out and make sure you get what you want for christmas. That way we all are not stuck outside of a Best Buy on christmas morning with our gift cards, hoping we can pick up a PS3 at a cheap price, and then not getting one.  Hope you get what want this holiday season gamers, take care, have a great holiday, and share your opinion, because here at XBLRadio it’s your game, your voice, your radio, and your presents.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off
Take Care,