Top presents, Psyclone HDMI Cable Review

Todays Gamers Video Update is a video review so here you go,’s official video review of Psyclone Competition Grade HDMI Cable.

MSRP 99.99

+ Gold connections
+ Combines 5 cables into 1
+ Works with all HDMI interfaces
+ High durability

– Price

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  • JVB

    Great job, Steve. These companies are making a killing with HDMI.

  • Thrillhouse17

    I need an HDMI cable for my new 360 arcade.

    Psyclone does make great cables. I have their Wii component, and they’re rock solid. That said, with HDMI you probably don’t need to shell out big bucks to get good/high quality. Monoprice is your best bet for cheap good cables. For much much less you can gold plated cables which are very comparable in quality to big name brands. Again, Psyclone makes amazing stuff, but sometimes you can get more than what you paid for.

  • @Thrillhouse17 very true, they do cost a lot but they feel extremely durable. But for most people I would recommend going the cheaper route as you will/should get the same picture quality, they just might not last as long if your moving things around on a constant basis

  • Good review, very good point Thrill. The cable is as good as the distance. Monster, Psyclone, and all the big name brand is mostly all it is (big name brand), but they are much better in distance feed of maybe 15 plus ft due to the shield and noise protection. What you should of done Steve, was use an old beat up TV set (non-hdtv) with composite connections and compared the the two.

  • Good review steve, im thinking of finally getting an HD-TV and this might come in handy. I agree with Desz, a comparison would have been nice.

  • Good stuff Steve. Video reviews FTW! Them some mighty expensive cables, but I guess you get what you pay for heh 😉

  • ezporter

    great review once again steve, keep up the great work.

  • CrY 4 WaR

    Good review steve but 100 bucks OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brett11253

    I hope I win one 🙂