TQ’s Christmas wish list

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Ok, like we mentioned in TQ Episode 18 our list will be posted on the right side, but then realized that everybody might want to share their picks as well, so we decided to create a blog entry. This started as a family notification, but we have received some e-mail of listeners that want to give Filty a back rub and an HD-DVD player. Don’t ask me how he does it, but I’m thinking it might have something to do with the autograph picture of him playing Wii we offered on EP18.

Links to our picks                              
Mac Book Black
Canon HV10 HD Cam
1080p 42 LCD
Playstation 3
iPOD nano

And our extra 2 picks (Video Games only) This is for the ones that can’t afford Filty’s HDTV or my HD Cam.

Filty: 1. Assassins Creed XBOX360
         2. Any other game for either Wii or XBOX360

Desz: 1. Assassins Creed XBOX360
         2. Mass Effect XBOX360
         3. Friday The 13th NES

Share your wish list with TQ, I’m curious to see what you all want.

Merry Christmas!!!