Show Seven: Gather Courage For Eye Of “Judgement”

After disappearing for weeks, we’re back with a new show for your listening enjoyment. Since our last show a number of excellent games have been released, yet we find a way to avoid talking about any of them, and focus our attention on games of questionable quality. Our nerd goggles are donned, as we prepare ourselves to tackle the Eye of Judgment. Join Thrillhouse, Chiahippo, and Steve519.

  • The Eye Of Judgment
  • The Latest GTA 4 Trailer
  • High Velocity Bowling
  • Some Aquarium “Game”
  • Pain
  • Other Ramblings

Bonus: As discussed, here is the ramen timer.

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  • OH NO?!? you for forgot to include the direct download link so us here at can download it.

  • Thrillhouse17

    It posted it on the front PN page before I could add it. I’d edited the post on before it posted, but guess I didn’t beat the cutoff time.

  • Just got done listening to the show guys, it was a good time. Especially with steves talk about Eye of Judgement and the Aquarium game being GOTY was hillarious. After the show was the best when stve forgot to record, lol, good times. Can’t wait for the next show.

  • just finished listening to the show, wow it was awesome, Thrill and Chia you guys did a great job, and whoever was that other host was superb. Great show you guys, keep them coming

  • sounded pretty good guys! specially with one in Italy, nice work, keep it up! do i here a rivalry brewing?

  • Great show. PS3connect will come out soon Steve, so you can finally have communication from your Mac to PS3 or vise versa. Show is great, but the file size is too big. 128kbps is a track for music, podcast should be at around 40 64kbps. If you want the next one send me your final copy and I can then touch it up for you and lower it to 64 with out loosing noticeable quality. Sometimes listeners have slow connections, so they don’t have the patients to download.

  • what, thrill you encoded the show at 128k? damn you, I do all of mine at 64 like Desz says and it always sounds fine.

  • Thrillhouse17

    It was around 40 megs, so I decided to keep it. The recording quality was pretty poor, so I figured there was no point in degrading it even more.