Gamer Graffix’s Nintendo DS Lite Skin Video Review

Todays Gamers Video Update is a video review so here you go,’s official video review of Gamer Graffix’s Nintendo DS Lite skin.

MSRP 14.99

+ The price is just about right
+ Plenty of designs to choose from
+ Protects the DS Lite from scratching

– A little thicker then what I would want
– Inhibits use in some Nintendo NS Accessories

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  • Great review steve, my GF has a white nintendo DS also. Maybe ill pick her up one of those as a stocking stuffer or something. Price is a little steep, but it does look pretty cool and adds some life to the DS.

  • ezporter

    i don’t know if this applies to this particular skin, but with others after some use it feels like it’s not even there, the skin i mean. and my sister’s DS also has a crack in the very same spot.

  • Nice review, the screen part looks a bit tricky. Lol @.33 “Still in the plastic” Puberty strikes!

  • Thrillhouse17

    15 bucks seems a little pricey for a sticker. I guess that faceplates are that much though, and I’m stupid enough to buy them.

  • Kosamus

    My red and black DS has no need for such weakness, besides I take care of my electronics.

  • CrY 4 WaR

    Great review i want to get one for my ps3 and 360.

  • Nicely done. Been thinking about getting a DS for awhile now. its been out for what 2 years now and I still cant quite commit lol.

  • brett11253

    I’m digging the pink.