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On this weeks show X3R0 9 and Kemanswar are joined by the newest edition to the staff, INFECTEDPB503. With this post we are striving to return to normal. The podcast will be put on iTunes on Wednesday. Can’t wait that long to hear us? Than go to Tuesday nights at 5:30pst/8:30est. Join in the live chat and talk with real gamers just like you.

Show Topics include:

Game News: The 2007 Video Game Awards on Spike. Was it a surprise?

Discussion about the upcoming release of the Burnout Demo and Devil May Cry 4 Demo.

Are title updates too much or not enough?

Are the desceased FASA games really dead?

Game Talk: Assassin’s Creed, Narato, and our take on Mass Effect.

Intro music: Monster Techno Blues by Joe Sibol
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  • Kosamus

    Great show guys, the production was well done. It was hard to hear infected at times though.

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