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Hey whats up everybody, even though there has been a lot of crazy stuff going on here at XBL Radio lately, with hosts taking breaks, new hosts coming in, etc., I am still going to bring you an article today like I always do every Monday. So lets get into a particular story i found this past weekend that I found interesting.

For all of you who are mad that you cannot find a Wii anywhere might be in luck this holiday season. Apparently Nintendo of America’s president and CEO, Reggie Fils-Aime, has just come up with a plan to make sure that all of you frustrated gamers out there who don’t have a Wii yet will have one very soon. He has said that Nintendo will be partnering with Gamestop to distribute rain check certificates at the full price of a Wii console on Dec 20th and 21st, securing customers a system that they will be able to pick up sometime in January.

To tell you the truth, there is a problem that I have with this idea. My issue with this is that the offer only goes on for two days, instead of at least a week, making it impossible for most of us to get a Wii that don’t have one yet, since most people purchasing one will be parents who have been looking to pick up one for their kids, leaving regular gamers like us in the dust since we will be at work when this will be going on. It is a nice step forward, however, showing that Nintendo is trying to make finding a Wii a little bit easier, especially during the Christmas shopping season.

That is all from me this time my friends, please share your opinion about this story, because it counts.

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