The New Show is going to be a day late

Sorry for that guys, its all my fault, I got really sick and I just didn’t have the energy to do the show. It should be out very soon and very soon means tonight or tomorrow morning, but in the mean time I have a special show that you should check out.  I was invited last week to be a guest on so I figured that I would share me on the show with you guys, so check it out and do me a favor and tell them what you thought.

Show Seven: Gather Courage For Eye Of “Judgement”

After disappearing for weeks, we’re back with a new show for your listening enjoyment. Since our last show a number of excellent games have been released, yet we find a way to avoid talking about any of them, and focus our attention on games of questionable quality. Our nerd goggles are donned, as we prepare ourselves to tackle the Eye of Judgment. Join Thrillhouse, Chiahippo, and Steve519.

  • The Eye Of Judgment
  • The Latest GTA 4 Trailer
  • High Velocity Bowling
  • Some Aquarium “Game”
  • Pain
  • Other Ramblings

Bonus: As discussed, here is the ramen timer.

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