The Best Update Feature You Never Heard About

Sometimes it’s the things you unexpectedly find that brighten your day. Like finding money you’d completely forgotten about in a pair of pants. Or suddenly realizing that yesterday’s 2.10 update lets you remote play any PS1 game.

Few words describe exactly how incredibly awesome this feature is.

Being able to access hundreds of PS1 classics from anywhere in the world, and play them at a whim, is probably the new best reason to get a PS3/PSP combo. I’m personally ecstatic about this feature. There are countless PS1 games that I never got around to playing, and countless more I’d love to revisit. Being able to do so from literally anywhere in the world, from any wi-fi spot, is unprecedented.

Xbox originals are 15 bucks each, run with glitches, are tied to the xbox you purchased it on (meaning you’ll lose it when it breaks) and will most likely require the 180 dollar hard drive if you want to download more than two. These PS1 games are 5-6 bucks each, run better than ever before thanks to smoothers, and are playable on your PSP via memory stick or remote play.

I’m clearly excited about this. After being screwed over so many times by my 360, it’s nice to see that someone out there cares.

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    Hey thrill, I’ll give you 5$ each for your 360’s since you don’t like xbox anymore
    🙂 .

    Seriously though this does seem like a cool thing that PS is doing, its a good thing for xbox that they have better selling exclusives or they would be in some serious trouble.

  • Thrillhouse17

    I’m currently going through a “I hate 360” phase of my life, and given my luck with them I feel it’s justified. I also feel that MS is taking advantage of us gamers just because they’re currently in the console lead. I’m sure that my hatred will pass, but for now I’m filled with rage.

  • Tanks for taking the time to point out one of the things that’s wrong with what MS is doing to us gamers and what Sony is doing right. A lot of people don’t really know how cool the ps3 or the psp really is, and when you combine there powers, its just like capt planet, its unstopable

  • Thrillhouse17

    I probably should have mentioned this in the article: You can remote play any PS1 game that you’ve purchased from the PSN store, OR any original PS1 game disk you’ve slipped into the PS3. No repurchase necessary to access this feature.

    How sweet it is.


    Doesn’t the wii have a similar feature, or is it overpriced like the MS system?

  • This is cool. Silent Hill 1 on my PSP with out hacking it.

  • TeeTocks

    Yeah but the recent 360 update let’s you look at your friend’s friend list!

    …okay, so it wasn’t as exciting when I typed it out.

    So anyone feel led to get me a PS3 for Christmas

    **pushes dimples into cheeks with fingers**

  • Nice, props to Sony for not only implementing this feature, but for setting fair pricing of old-gen games.