The Gamers Pub, Episode 13

Topics Include:
What we are drinking
Whats being played this week
52% of Xbox 360 owners in the US purchased a copy of Halo 3
Trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil: Degeneration movie stumbled onto the net over the weekend
PlayStation 3 firmware updated
What 3 games would you like to see on Xbox originals. And why?
If you could create a game what would it be and or play like?
Steve plays Unreal Tournament for the PS3
Steve gets a PSP once again and plays with Remote Play
All this and more

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at Outro song, Beer by Reel Big Fish. Check them out at

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  • I agree with Steve F the xbox originals. It might be good to some peeps that never had an xbox or sold it. You can find those games for 5 bucks at the swap meet.