XBL Radio 58.5 Live on Skype (Double talk)

XBLRadio 58.5 Live on Skype (Double Talk)

Join X3R0 9 and INFECTEDPB503 as they talk to real gamers GUI J, Fatal45, and MR B4. The conversation rolls through

-What you playing and introductions

-Round table
++Guitar Hero 3 dlc; is it better than Rock Band? / 360 dashboard slow; did the gerbals fall off the wheels?
++Burnout Paradise demo; can you crash your friends?
++Pre-order bonus, dlc for your deposit; have pre-orders gone too far?
++Turok; free T-shirt and demo disk with pre-order.
++Toughest video game boss of all time; Drums really, really drums really?
++Award shows; half naked women, gaming and you.

-Final thoughts

Don’t forget to listen to us first on Tuesday night 8:30est/5:30pst and head over to to join in the discussion. Leave a comment about the show, or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Guests this week

GUI J Fatal45 MR B4

GUI J fatal45 MR B4

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