TechQuila Episode 19

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TQcast ends the year in a big way with the 2007 TQcast awards show: The video game, movie, and drink tip of the year. More Fight Night Round 3, TQ gets the PS3 fever, the Asian chocolate surprise, a special holiday drink tip, Wii rain check?? I don’t need a rain check, I need a Wii by the 24th bit**! And what is TQ looking foward to 2008…

  • Great show guys.
    Wow, Chia are you going to take that?
    As far as gaming nights saturdays work best for me as I always have Sundays off and being an old married man I don’t go out clubbing anymore.
    Btw, the ps3 is where its at except if you wanna play online with your friends, there it still has issues.
    And I can not wait till that wireless nunchuck comes out, its not a first party accessory but I’m for sure picking it up.
    Isn’t connect360 awesome? I love it as it works so flawlessly, I can not wait for it to come to the ps3 land.
    You know the big differance between the iPhone and H3? People the bought there iPhone still use that unlike the majority of H3 owners.
    So you guys live close to the fashion valley mall? I’ve been down there countless times, next time I visit there ill have to hit you guys up to share a drink or two.
    Hey guys for the gaming nights, do you mind posting what you guys do in the gaming night section of the forums? I would be happy to join and I’m sure many members of our community would also like to be apart of it.

  • Great awards segemnt, it was extremely well put together and I couldn’t disagree with any of your picks, well maybe except for the part where you left out Friday the 13th. Thanks for the shoutout guys!