Wii Wireless Sensor Bar Video Review

Todays Gamers Video Update is a video review so here you go,’s official video review of Nyko’s Wii Wireless Sensor Bar.

MSRP 19.99

+ No wires
+ Has an auto-off feature
+ Rechargeable

– Not really a necessity
– Seems like 5 dollars too much

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  • That is a good alternative for the wire sensor that always slides back from my TV because I moves wires in the back. Only draw back like you said, is the 4 batteries requirement.

  • Good review Mr. 519, I especially like your “Set it and forget it” line (took a page out of infomercials). Nice honest way to finish it off.

  • CrY 4 WaR

    i would buy if i still had my wii

  • Thrillhouse17

    Sorry if I missed this in the review, but how is it rechargeable if it requires 4 batteries?

  • Kosamus

    Hmm, thats a good point Thrill. I still don’t have a wii, but you would think that nintendo would include a wireless setup straight out of the box.

  • I must have received a different version, mine actually didn’t come with any recharge stuff, hmmmm. Sorry for the error.

  • “set it and forget it” huh, i think ive heard that somewhere before.

  • brett11253

    Hmm.. no recharge?