A Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton is officially the Master of Dark and Delightful. In his latest goth-fest Burton once again makes black seem brighter than ever. Adapted from the musical Broadway play, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet street, is a pitch perfect early Christmas gift. Burton once again teams up with Depp (this is his 8th collaboration with the actor) and Burton also reunited Johnny with his Corpse Bride (Carter). I went into the film with a preconceived notion that once again Depp would be quirky and in another of his “Look at how strange I am” persona. I’m glad he didn’t disappoint. He was nothing short of brilliant.

The film, which complements the musical, grows on you. The first hour is spent understanding the despair and demise of a once passionate romance (for the city of London and for Todd). The second act is a tale of vengeance, bloodletting, and tragedy. All this is set to music that is done in an almost Operatic fashion. Most of the songs fill in the story and set the mood of the film. However there are several numbers that you wont easily get out of your head. To make matters worse these numbers are set to a stunning visual reference that will haunt you each time you hum about mince meat pies.

Todd is also filled with an excellent supporting cast. From new faces (Jamie Bower, Laura Kelly) to unforgettable ones (Sacha Baron Cohen and Alan Rickman). I have had several friends state that Cohen is a one-hit-wonder. I have to say that I’m wondering how he hits every note just right in this role. His duel with Todd is like High Noon on a bad Mushroom trip.

Todd being released during the Holidays won’t be a gift for everyone. Even though it is garnering some Oscar buzz; Todd it is still a morbid, dark and skanky tragedy, with pie! So if you’re a fan of Depp, or you love Broadway, or even if the latter two don’t account for your movie dollar, go see this film. However if you you like your music and movies a-la fast food style:

Alvin and the Chipmunks is still showing.

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