Christmas,Raiders jacket,and Renegade. How can you top that?


With Christmas Eve just minutes away, I sit back and reminisce of the times when I was just a little kid wanting to own the latest basketball video game "Double Drible" for the Nintendo…. man I wanted that game so bad. My mom didn’t make much money, so she couldn’t just get up and buy it for me, and besides she was a strong believer in earning your money to get what you want, which meant I had to either sell some baseball cards to the hobby shop, or wait 10 weeks to add up my allowance. By that time it would be Christmas anyways, so I patiently waited. Christmas eve finally! We would open gifts at midnight, and didn’t know better than just midnight. "People open their gifts in the morning? WTF??" Maybe not WTF back then, but a big "why". Anyways the moment of truth came, my brother hands me my gift, I look left I look right, like something out of a basketball teen wolf movie. I look at the box’s size and realize that it couldn’t be a game, the box has a JC Penny clothing box size. By now I’m almost certain that I didn’t get a game at all, but I proceed to do what any kid would do, I tear off the wrap like crumbs that fly out of a cookie the cookie monster is tearing up. All the wrap gone I open the box, it doesn’t say JC Penny, which meant that I either got swap meet clothes, or it was the box used from my brother’s old gift. I look and see a huge surprise……. a Raiders jacket! Yes a Raiders Jacket! (a good thing) By this time I truly accepted the fact that I didn’t receive Double Dribble, I take my jacket out of the box to try it out, and sitting at the bottom of the box was a game, a game indeed, but not Double Dribble, but it is a game, the game is a game I had never heard of, but the cover art looks cool. The game is "Renegade". The whole Double Dribble thing was gone, I had a new game, a game that nobody in my neighborhood had. I played all night, and I loved the game, think of it as a double dragon/streets of rage type of game, with motorcycles as well. Mann o mann I was in heaven, I had my Raiders jacket on, my new "Renegade" and my 13" color TV. I rocked the game till 4 in the morning with my Raiders jacket on… This by far has to be my most memorable Christmas video game gift, experience, and maybe even the most memorable Christmas ever.

Although last years gift from my brother ranks way up there as well.
I think the best memories are as a kid. Renegade/Raiders Jacket remains the #1 Thanks mom and big bro!


Hey, I wonder what Jeff G gave this game…


  • what a great game renegade was