Very Special Platform Nation Holiday Show

Join several of the hosts that have shows that are apart of

This is our first attempt at this, we are hoping to do this once a month with all the shows that are involved with

Ok everyone sit back and enjoy this very special Holiday Show.

This episode we have Gui J and Steve519 from Chiahippo from InfectedPB503 and X3r0 9 from and our newest member, K Rock XP from And unfortunately we were unable to get anyone from and but there is always next show. That was my fault actually because I got on this a little late.

Direct Download (right click, save as)

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  • Gee, thanks for inviting me guys, i feel the love, lol. Anyways good show, i like this idea, and look forward to hearing more of these every month.

  • Put the link up for the I am Legend file.

    Good show!

  • Loved being on the show guys. Had a blast. I would love to see more of these.