I’m having a very…Red christmas!

 Three Red Rings of Death

What’s up everybody, it is B4 here again with a very sad story to all of you. What a time of year for something like this to happen to me. The worst part about what happenned is that most of the presents I wanted this year were some kind of accessory for my 360. Let me give you the low down as to what I am talking about.

Just a couple of days ago I bought myself a brand new 26′ Vizio LCD HDTV from Wal-mart for my room so I can play games and watch movies in High Definition. On Saturday I was setting up my 360 to it so I could play the Simpsons Game with my GF, and what does my 360 do to me?, it gives me the three red rings of death. The whole time my GF and I thought that there was something wrong with the HD cables since no image was projecting on the screen, I look down and there are those ominus lights blinking at me going “ha, ha, ha, not this time jerky”.

I cant beleive now I have to wait close to a month to get a new 360 sent back to me from microsoft, and of all times of year that it could happened to me, it had to happen now. Oh well, guess its time to play the Wii and the PS2 for awhile. I’ll get a chance to check out the Wii zapper with some more games, and im telling you right now, the zapper rocks. Either way, this is bad news, but I will still try to make the best out of my holiday experience. Take care everyone, and have a Merry Christmas,hannukah, kwanzaa, etc., and also have a happy new year.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

Take Care,


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  • wow that sucks man, welcome to the club though


    There must be somthing going around, mine went out on sunday!!!

  • Mann, that sucks.. Hey B4 my 360 is making some out of the ordinary loud noise. I might be next, I use my compressor for the dust every two weeks, but it might not be enough. The Wii should hold you up.

  • Thrillhouse17

    All you can do is laugh it off, and shrug as you but up with MS’s abuse.

    I’m still amazed people support this POS.