Alienated at the Cine-plex!


I didn’t expect much from an AVP sequel. I still think Aliens (thats
the 2nd film) will never be topped for action and overwhelming
alien-frenzy. However I’m a fan: and that’s just what “The Brothers
Strause” are counting on. Guess after some FX work, a Nickleback Music
Vid, and Herbie Fully Loaded they earned the nickname? Anyhow let’s
dive into AVP2. Here is my total take on the film. It’s Critters
(Aliens land in the woods and attack the folks) mixed with Gremlins (I
should say Gremlens 2 “The New Batch” because of the same sequel
formula) and a dash of Pedetor (the Governators old stick).

Theren lies the problem: ITS TOO MUCH! There is so much going on and
none of it is remotely fresh. It’s as if all three of the films I just
mentioned were put into a STRAUSE BROS Cuisinart and served up as an
after-Christmas feast. However I’m still hungry for something. How
about a serving of PLOT? Or some acting with the main course? Or how
about turning on a light while I dine? Geeze even a candle would have
helped. This film is so dark (the fights, the killings, the theater
where I viewed it) I was so happy to hit the lobby afterwords.

I’ve always thought that dimly lit bars make the women seem hotter. Or
maybe it’s the beer…


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