XBL Radio 59.0 (Years end)

Sorry for the delay posting this, Christmas through off my schedule. Check out the last show of 2007, and join us in two weeks for a brand new episode. We have to take a one week break due to New years.

Show Notes:

++ Intro song: Visualizer by Cjacks

++ Our 2007 Top News Stories
+++ Is Epic’s Unreal Engine so unreal that it can’t perform?
+++ 1 red light, 2 red light, 3 red lights equal RROD and 3 years of warranty.
+++ This Developer wants to spread their wings…again?

++ Our Worst Games of ’07
+++ Also, check out what some of the community members thought. Link…

++ Squidpunch’s Live Eye report
+++ X3R0 interviews DigiTali, the gamer that is #5 on the most time gaming list for ’07, according to Live Eye.

++ What about our Top Games of ’07
+++ Once again, check out what some of the community members thought. Link…

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Bungie/Microsoft Split rewind audio was brought to you by Rusty Ranchero, Live on Live ver 53.5.

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  • pretty good show, I really enjoyed it. it looks like you guys are slowing finding your groove. My only issue with it was it was a little hard to hear but it looks like that was resolved.