Video Game Jocks Episode 70 – The First Annual Jocky Awards (Live)

In this special call-in spectacular we present the First Annual Jocky Awards, our 2008 Preview and Take Calls from Our Loyal Listeners!

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  • Great show guys, I really wanna do a live show myself now.

    I just wanted to chime in on the system outlook for 08, I the the ps3 will have a great year this year, I believe with there game lineup, blu ray support and relibility rate they will make up serious ground on the 360, but I do believe at the end of 08 the will be close to passing the 360 but still be in third place, in 09 though, MS better watch there back.

    As for the wii, once the systems start slowing down as far as sells go nintendo will do one of two thing either drop the price so they continue to sell like crazy or come out with something like a wii “lite”, you know, a wii that is just a little bit better then thw previous one, just to sell more units. They will continue to dominate on 08 for the sole reason of the mass appeal.

    And now for the xbox, so how many 360’s broke during this show, I think I counted 3 call ins about newly red lighted consoles. And how long has xbox live been down? I think this is the year of backlash on the 360. And its been a long time coming with the issues they had. Its unfortane too because this is the console that I put the majority of my time into but its going to happen. We has some great games coming out this year, but not to the extent we had last year. If MS wants to continue to hold on to that number 2 slot they are going to has to do something drastic, make live free, come out with a monthly subscribtion plan for either the xbox arcade, the video marketplace or both. One where you pay a monthly price and you have access to everything. It will be a hard year for them if they keep the same mentality, they have to stop being complacement.