Video Game Jocks Is The Newest Member of Platform Nation

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We here at Video Game Jocks are proud to announce that we are the newest members of Platform Nation.

What is Platform Nation you ask?

Well rather than try and explain it myself, let’s take a quote right to the source:

Platform Nation is a collaboration of several gaming podcasts who decided it would be best for our gamers, the podcasters and the rest of the gaming community if they came together to share efforts. Together we have a larger voice in the community for the gamers that we strive to speak for. We share the same forums and for the most part, share the same listeners. After all, we are a community, not a network.

We’re very excited to be teaming up with other podcasts as to gain both a larger voice in the community and also to have a chance to reach out to new listeners and readers.

We’d also like to ask that you join the forums at Platform Nation which represent listeners from all the podcasts involved. We will continue to have the message boards here but will also have a special Video Game Jocks section of the Platform Nation forums as well.

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  • glad to have you as apart of our community

  • Big welcome to the Video Game Jocks!! I’m bout to download your latest EP.


  • It’s great to have you guys on board! I’ll be checking out the latest show tomorrow after New Years is over.

  • Welcome to the party pals! More podcasts to help the work day go by. What more could a gamer ask for?