8 Resolutions For 2008

With a new year comes a fresh start, and a chance to make change. Since I’m practically perfect, this is a list of things I’d like to see others change in ’08 (in no particular order):

1. No more Xbox 360 failures. 2007 was a terrible year for me, and having to call MS support 6 times was beyond ridiculous. No one should be fearing red lights every time they turn their console on. The 360 had an excellent gaming line up this year, but was seriously marred to the tune of 1 billion “oh shit we screwed up and made a guaranteed to break console” dollars. I don’t care if you call it falcon, eagle, hawk…find what the problem is and FIX IT, and make sure it stays fixed.

2. Give a final date, and release HOME. The more they delay it the more expectations will increase, and if this continues Home is guaranteed to disappoint. The PS3 needs an all encompassing online layout, which is simple to use and functional. Sony is so close to delivering Xbox Live quality online (surpassing it in some ways), yet a year later the key features are still missing. Get Home out, fix the problems, and let’s all be happy.

Extra credit: Redesign the PSN store. It needs an upgrade…just don’t make it as convoluted as Xbox Marketplace.

3. A quick end to this writer’s strike! As someone who watches quite a bit of TV (sadly), I’m not looking forward to what this spring will bring. There are plenty of garbage reality shows already, the networks don’t need more. Give the writers what they deserve, which literally amounts to pennies on every DVD sold. Want to know what television would be like without writers? Watch season two of Heroes (zing!). I want more episodes of House, Pushing Daisies, Friday Night Lights, Heroes (it can’t get much worse, right?)…

4. Lower the prices of high definition movies. Blu-Ray and HDDVD movies are overpriced. The Simpson’s Movie costs 35 bucks at Best Buy? Are you out of your f’ing mind?! Who in their right mind would pay that kind of cash? The price needs to get lower, much lower than the current 25-35 dollars being charged, if either of these two formats hopes of going mainstream. Speaking of formats…

5. End this goddamn format war already. I’ve currently signed up with the blu-ray camp (for many logical reasons), have invested quite a few dollars on blu-ray movies…but would be willing to repurchase every single disk on HDDVD if the format war ended tomorrow. There is nothing more infuriating than seeing Batman Begins or Battlestar Galactica on HDDVD, wanting to buy it, but can’t. Since when are movies “exclusive”? End the feud, throw one of these two out, and let’s move on. (For the record, blu-ray has movie “exclusives” as well, but I don’t complain about not being able to buy those.)

6. Stop bitching about “major” gaming sites being biased. There is nothing more infantile than running to message boards, creating pointless threads about IGN, 1Up, or Gamespot giving good/bad scores because they’re wearing money hats. Especially threads that start “I just went to…and saw that they gave this game a…”. Here’s some info: These sites make money off traffic. If you really want to “stick it to the man” then don’t go. And do me the favor of not bitching.

There are plenty of sites out there that give different gaming coverage. Find one that you like, and stick with it. Going to a major site is nothing to be ashamed of. The people that work at the IGNs and 1Ups are people, not dissimilar from myself, that really like games and covering games. The only difference is that they’ve decided to devote their lives, and incomes, to it. Find a reviewer/site you feel you can trust and stick with it. (Hopefully you’ll pay attention to the PN sites as well.)

Extra credit: If I had a nickel for every site that claimed to be “unbiased”, or be the only source for “truth”, or not controlled by “the man” then I’d be pretty filthy rich. Words are cheap, prove your worth with actions.

7. If you’re going to post on the internet, get a dictionary (or at least correct the words that are automatically underlined by your computer). How about we just kill all internet/gaming lingo as well. Teh, powned, n00b, and w00t are not words that should proudly be said/typed. Unless you’re a 40 year old virgin still living in your parent’s basement. Then by all means, pown teh n00bs. It’s probably all you have left.

Extra credit: Adding 420, 69, xxx, 187 to your gamertag is tired and old. If you live in the ghetto, go ahead, throw it on. But if you’re a (usually) white, middle to high income resident, live in the suburbs, then throwing those in is just sad. Unless you’re 40 and live with your parents. Dawg. (Add that word to the removal list.)

8. Check out PSHRadio’s show from time to time. Who would I be if I didn’t self promote?

Hope 2008 is a good one.

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  • Thrillhouse17

    I have no idea why it posted as one long block. On our page it’s nicely paragraphed.

  • Nice article thrill, enjoyed it immensely, here’s to a good 2008 all around.

  • what about 519’s in peoples gamertags? I have seen two of them on my time on live