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Whats up everybody at Platform Nation and XBL Radio, it’s Mr B4 here, and before I get into my news topic of this week, I would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. The staff here at Platform Nation has been very gracious to me this year, giving me many opportunities that I would not have received otherwise, thanks to all of you who have done that for me. I also want to say that I would not be bringing you an article every week if it wasnt for the feedback that I get from all members of the community, I appreciate that. Enough of this Mumbo Jumbo, let’s move on to the news story of this week.

I have just recently read a news story on saying that Bill Gates is planning on ending his executive duties at Microsoft sometime in June of next year so that he can become a full tme Philanthropist. He will, however still remain the Chairman of the company, which is, needless to say, not all that shocking to anybody. If I started a company that made me lots of money, I would do the same thing as well.

This is a big, big, change for the tech, as well as the gaming industry, because now Microsoft can get some fresh blood in there, and hopefully they will find ways of fixing some of the problems that 360 gamers have been plagued with since the launch of the system, and also bring some fresh ideas to the industry. Here is what Dwight Davis, an analyst at the Ovum research firm, had to say about the matter.

I don’t think the departure will be too disruptive — it’s not like it’s a complete severing of the relationship,” said Dwight Davis, an analyst with the Ovum research firm. “But nonetheless, that’s going to be a notable milestone in the coming year for Microsoft — one that will alter the company’s profile in a fairly significant way.”

Now I have already stated my opinion about this matter, what do all of you think about this?

Could this be a good or bad thing for Microsoft?

What will this change bring to us as Gamers, anything at all?

The way you answer these questions is up to you, and your opinion always counts, so please share it. As for me though, I’m heading out for now.

Until 2008 Gamers, this is B4 signing off

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