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TechQuila Episode 22


TQcast EP22 "The Color Blind Edition" tragedy strikes TQ, how being color blind affects your gaming, new PS3 on the way, murder over video games, Wii ain’t so perfect after all, get the hell out of Verizon without a fee, Plus Desz on Ass Creed and Filty finally on COD4, A drink tip that will get you fired up, and we take it old school on the movie tip…all this plus much much more..Tune in!

Get out of Verizon link

Filty: Patriots 35 Giants 24 but hoping for a Giant upset
Desz: Patriots 30 Giants 20 But hoping for a Raiders upset

Forgive us for the late post..

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Sony’s Game Division Turns a Profit

No, that is not an error. Sony’s gaming division, home of the PlayStation consoles, has indeed turned a profit in their fiscal Q3 (October to December).
Sony said that, in that time period, they have sold 4.93 million PS3s worldwide and have turned a profit in their gaming division. The profit is attributed to Sony lowering […]

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Video Game Jocks Episode 73

In this episode we talk about December NPD Numbers, Fox News vs. Mass Effect, GTA IV Finding a Release Date, Nintendo’s Release Calendar in 08, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!
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Three Red Rings, One Low Price

Looking to dip your toe into the shark-infested waters of 360 hardware? Already have a 360, but you want to roll, Sooch-style, with a console for every room of the house? Well, here’s your chance to win one in what has to be the easiest contest on the ‘net.

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