Virtual Wii-ality

Johnny Lee has revealed what the Wii can really do. When I first watched the video, I was like "what the fu**". Then I just started thinking of the possibilities, and wondered what Sony and Microsoft must be thinking…."WOW" Yes, the real next gen console!! Bring some Leisure Suit Larry to the Wii-ality, then finish off the competition with Resident Evil:Wii-ality edition.. Done Deal! Wii-ality coming to a home near you..

Posted by Desz

  • Good Post. Johnny Lee has done some amazing things using the Wii remote sofar. But I think in the end it’s all going to fall of deaf ears.

    I own a head tracking system that works with my PC already. It’s called [url=][color=red][i][b]Tracker IR[/url][/color][/i][/b]. A lot of people use it for flight sims, and racing sims but I use it for Armed Assault. Here are a few video to show you how great it works.

    [url=][color=red][i][b]TrackIR Explained[/url][/color][/i][/b]

    [url=][color=red][i][b]ArmA Flight[/url][/color][/i][/b]

    [url=]ArmA FreeAim[/url][/color][/i][/b]

    I really hope the idea of head tracking takes off because it adds so much to the game, especially FPS’s. The ability to move the camera around independent of your iron-sites with out any extra button press is nothing short of amazing!

  • I saw that video a couple weeks ago, isn’t it awesome?

  • that was mind blowing.. literally my mind just got blown.. like doing mushrooms or something.. now lets see some games…

  • That was some pretty cool stuff, come on nintendo, bring us some games with this functionality.