TQcast Giveaway on EP20

There are even more prizes that I didn’t include in the Video.

– Steve519 from Platformnation/thegamerspub also chipped in some cool stuff for the giveaway, so make sure to listen to TQcast Epsiode 20 to find out what else is up for grabs and for the details on how to win.. Coming soon to yo ears near you.. TQcast

Sorry bout the sound quality, this was recorded in a hurry and on a digital camera…I should be getting my Video camera back real soon.

  • awesome video man, its great to see someone other then myself and b4 representing PN

    Sounds like an awesome giveaway too

  • The video ain’t no Steve519/Chiahippo or MR B4 quality. It was the first and as you can see I was on my gym clothes testing my wife’s photo camera that happens to have the video feature. I literally was just testing it, and never thought I was going to post it. I had a picture with the giveaway games all ready. The next TQ video should be much better, it will be planned out and the quality should be better with my cam. Thanks to everybody that is down with TQ and Platformnation.

  • RudyB

    Nice video for being your first. That cyber shot works good!! I have to say that sweat shirts still looks good.. No that I’m G.I or anything.. Keep them coming.


  • MightyMax

    Cool video Desz! I never noticed (from your pics on the Techquila myspace page) you wore braces. Anyways, cool video and good job on the podcast.
    Peace out homie!


  • Fab

    Cool show on 20, and nice video, can’t wait for the next one. And Ghost Recon for the xbox has to be sent to my house please!!!

  • first off guys it was an honor to be apart of your show. I just finished listening to it today (ya I know, I’m a little slow), and I have to say guys it was a great show. Tons of prizes and just tons of cool gaming talk.

    Couple things about the show as I love to comment on the show itself, first that guy that drove to meet that 15 (yes 15) year old, he was 20 and he drive all the way from New York to Washingtion State. He need to go to jail for a real long time, he is fucking crazy and messed up. I don’t really care if she lead him on, she is only 15.

    Great word of the week, I laughed my ass off when you did that Desz.

    Filty, you and B4 were awesome together, you two seemed to really click, BUT DON’T YOU DARE TAKE HIM, I need him for the Gamers Video Update.

    B4, you did awesome, you seemed real relaxed and you knew what you were talking about.

    Xbox Live, btw, still down in a way, we are at like 15 days now and it still fully isn’t back up, thats unacceptable.

    I had some other things too but I seemed to forget what I was going to add.

    Anyways great show guys and keep them coming.

    BTW my mailing address for the Darkness is over at contact page