Want To Use Skype On Your PSP?

Well, you might be able to. It looks like Sony might be announcing Skype support for the PSP at CES 2008, in Las Vegas next week. 

If true, I can’t help but ask…how will this work? Via bluetooth headset? Because simple texting would be quite a chore using the PSP’s predictive text.

 If true, I can’t see myself using this much. In an age where everyone carries cell phones, having to find a wi-fi spot in order to access Skype seems like too much of a chore. Sony, please, where are our friend invites, where is Home, where are our trophy rooms? We’re grateful you keep adding features, but please get to the ones we’re asking for.  

An interesting addition nonetheless.  

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  • this is so pimp, people don’t even know yet

  • kinda sure no bluetooth in the PSP, so be a wired headset, but free calls from any wifi spot. think if the iphone had skype, no one would use AT&T, so with this why use a cell phone.. i agree with steve this is going be cool..

  • Thrillhouse17

    It would be cool if free wi-fi was available everywhere. As it is now, this is only a cool concept. 5-10-15 years from now, yeah, this will be cool. As it is right now, it is a great concept.

    But you have to start somewhere, right?

    And from my understanding, the PSP does not have bluetooth, but there is nothing stopping them from releasing a bluetooth dongle, similar to the PSP TV or GPS add-ons they have in Japan.

  • too bad that this feature won’t work on my PSP. This is only for the newer PSPs, I have a 1000 version.