Platform Nation’s 1st Ever “Community Member of the Month” is…

No not me… I tried but just couldn’t give it to myself.

So without further ado… Platform Nation’s Community Member of the Month is…

TeeTocks .. and the crowd goes wild.

As you can see TeeTock's LiveEye by the 50k+ gamerscore he is a serious gamer. He as been a P*N forum member since November of 2006 (P*N Forum Profile). Please go leave a comment on his profile Congratulating him and while your there check out TeeTocks special Officer Status and motto.

TeeTocks is also known as Scott, to his none gaming community family, and is an oldie at 32, but we can’t hold that against him…

I asked TeeTocks a few questions so the rest of us could get to know him a little better and his answer’s follow:
1. When did you start gaming? What consoles do you currently have? are looking to get? What game genres you like the most?
Started gaming when I was 5. Started on the Intellivision and Atari, then eventually the NES and Sega Gen, then went to PC. Took a break from gaming for a couple of years of college until I went to a Halo LAN party and got sucked back into it. So bought an xbox and 360 later. Currently the only console I have is 360, plan to get a Wii and a DS. I want a PS3 eventually but am waiting for more games to come out and for the price to go even more down…hopefully. Like all game types but tend to gravitate towards FPS’s the most.

2. What are you currently playing? What are you looking forward to in 2008?
Currently playing: Halo 3, the BIGS (trying to finish some acheivements), and recently got back on a Rainbow Six Vegas kick.
Looking forward to in 2008: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Burnout Paradise, Condemned 2, MLB 2k8, R6V 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, I could go on forever so I’ll stop here.

3. How did you come to join our great Platform Nation community?
start at a show and migrate here: Found XBLRadio on iTunes after hearing about podcasts, can’t remember what episode but eventually through the gaming nights and forums got involved with the community. So I brought my Goodwill furniture and moved into the forums where it smells like Lemon Pledge and donuts. He seriously said that, I didn’t have to pay him to plug XBLR…

In TeeTocks closing he wants us to know: Thanks to the community for nominating me, I’m humbled by the gesture. Also, thanks to the staff for recognizing members of the community and helping to bring this community together. If I could I’d get everyone here fluffy puppies and coconuts.

I’ll sure take a fluffy puppy, but don’t like coconuts so much. Plus you won the award so you get the prize…

For TeeTock’s contribution he is going to receive $20 in Xbox Live points as per his choice.

We are going to be doing this monthly (hopefully weekly in future) but to get in on the action all you have to do is be an active member of Platform Nation. Post on the main blog page, the individual show’s blog page, and/or in the forums and you to could be a Platform Nation Community Member of the Month…

  • This is majoR!!! Congrats TEETOCKS!