TGP presents TechQuila Episode 20

So one thing that we at The Gamer’s Pub always try to do is highlight some of the other awesome podcasts out there that we make appearances on, and guess what, this week Gui J and I(Steve519) made an appearance on TechQuila Podcast so I just wanted to show them some love and help spread the word about there 20th show, which, btw, has a crapload of kick ass prizes being given away.

TechQuila Episode 20

New year, new episode and TQ has a bag of give aways up for grabs, listen for a chance to win! Desz is obviously not all there, can you say “enthussiaasss”? I got a phonebook PS3! Is XBOX LIVE still down?? A special guest from XBLradio MR B4 visits TQcast, The Gamers Pub share the drink tip of the week with a horse powered drink, Desz finally touches a game that people said he never would, Filty and MR B4 to start their own podcast, plus much much more….Oh did we mention the biggest TQcast giveaway yet??

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